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About Gary

Gary Farnham
  Photographer & Design Engineer


Since my early childhood I have shown artistic talent incorporated into anything I have ever approached.  I was always drawing, sketching, painting, carving, building and generally expressing my imagination through working with my hands.  However, woodworking and photography were my first loves and have become my lifelong pursuits. 

Having been born and raised in the picturesque mountains of central Vermont, I grew up experiencing outdoor life.  I continue to enjoy biking, snow shoeing, hiking, fishing, horseback riding and  camping with my wife and two girls. Through these experiences, I have gained a tremendous appreciation for the natural beauty that surrounds us.    I always try to convey that beauty in the work that I do.

From rough-sawn lumber being transformed into pieces of fine furniture to capturing the character of an individual or scene in a photograph, I always strive to produce the best possible results to reflect the true beauty of my subject.  I have designed and created: tables, chests, jewelry boxes with secret compartments, wooden spoons, and the blueprints for our house and barn in Vermont; as well as watercolor paintings, stipple art, and of course my photography.

Along with a bent towards the artistic, Iím also very organized and detail-oriented.  I want everything to be done correctly and methodically while maintaining the integrity of whatever I am working on.  Honesty, confidentiality and trust are extremely important qualities to me, and I try to apply them diligently in all my personal and business relationships.  In addition, my ability to quickly grasp new concepts and technology assists me in keeping abreast of ever changing methods in the manufacturing and photography industry. I believe all of these characteristics are why I can be relied upon to expediently produce the quality of work I have become known for.

I hope you enjoy my site and I look forward to hearing from you.



Gary P. Farnham

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